Establishment Of Saba Steel

This passion of immersing into metallic manufacturing commenced whilst Kassem Ajami as soon as went to Indonesia for a holiday, there inside the retail market, looked at the expenses of bars & rods & realized how exceptional margin these products preserve.
Gradually, Kassem Ajami became determined to amplify his enterprise global to grow to be a main metallic participant across the globe & for this reason centered international efforts in worthwhile nations like China,Ukraine, Germany, India and then ultimately built his strong base in West Africa & Nigeria as their market is remarkable, flourished with resources & holds excessive-cease margins.
And then, there was a time while his project changed into experiencing downfalls because the worldwide market became fragmented, innovation turned into missing, metal quarter become turning into a victim of overcapacity, excessive indebtedness & the rock backside steel prices.

How he treated the scenario?
Kassem realized the need to have a sturdy management group to support his extension & the fluctuations inside the marketplace. He employed incredible supervisors & managers, doubled the manufacturing & commenced promoting to booming markets of East to acquire first-rate margins.
His sheer efforts led him to the sweat of success and inside no time, the metal costs multiplied, the manufacturing capacity of metal products extended and he managed to increase his business throughout Nigeria.

His traits & Personality
He is a person who doesn’t searching for exposure, constantly contemplating increase, no complacency, splendid imaginative and prescient, leading entrepreneurship abilties, rooted values & ethos which can be non-fail-in a position.

His imaginative and prescient and destiny tactics
As a founding father of two metal production companies – Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria & MetalBerg Manufacturing, his vision is to grow the metal merchandise manufacturing for different ventures disposal at budget-pleasant quotes. Aimed at producing high-end & exceptional assured merchandise which might be yield generating & short-to-use in any process.
Also, to shape a marketplace of repeated & existing clientele for his or her excellent-led & sustainable operations. To create a platform wherein each steel product is gift beneath one hood as per any shape, length & measurement requirement in order that groups can shop their predominant will increase in their price sheet.